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New design amusement equipment bungee jumping trampoline for adult

Brand : Jiananmeidi

Product origin : Guangdong,China

Delivery time : 15 Days

Supply capacity : 300 sets/year

Bungee jumping trampoline is a very popular amusement entertainment products, and high safety, 

using the United States imports elastic cloth and seamless tube. Strong and durable. 


Details show :

The installation is also very simple, shipped will be equipped with installation instructions.

Bungee jumping trampoline can let the player to increase coordination of its own in the air, 

let the joints and muscles are unique tension, bothfitness and have strong interest, 

regardless of people of all ages and both sexes, Everyone can bravely vacated a try. 

Player would like "joy bungee jumping trampoline", because trampoline is so exciting. 

Easily for all kinds of flip in the air, enjoy flying fun, will be very free and transcendent feeling.

Trade Name: New design amusement equipment bungee jumping trampoline for adult

Material : PVC

Size: 7*4-7*4.8/5.5M

Power: 950W

Speed: <=6.2m

Voltage: 3N+PE 380v/220v  50HZ

Color: Customized

Capability: 1 - 4 people

Type: Amusement Equipment

Usage: outdoor playground, park, mall and so on

Packing Detail: Cotton inside, wrapped with ppfilm.

Outdoor bungee jumping with a jump bed, a pair of elastic rope and strut column, which make you jump up and down in the sky. It allows you to increase your  coordination in the air, and be able to get fit and enjoy a lot of fun.Bungee belongs to gymnastics and is called "ballet in the air".It is one of the best amusement equipment to improve the comprehensive ability of human being, not only can you keep fit, but also be able to take the courage to raise a lot.

 The biggest feature of our bungee jumping bed is that the steel pipe is much thicker and thicker than any other factory, so it is safe.

    Use high quality stretch rope and black net.

    The height is 6 meters. The feeling of being in a big bungee is just as exciting.

    The transportation doesn't take up space.

Offer a variety of color options and match combinations.

Can be customized according to your site.

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