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Build a Lebanon park

Build a Lebanon park

Build a lebanon park 

Budget: 100 000 dollar

Area: 50 000 square meter

Invest China factory date: Sept, 5th, 2017

More fitness and leisure venues is the trend! Parks can boost the surrounding economy and become a new growth point of urban economy.

In recent years, the national fitness strategy enjoys popular support among the people, and the national fitness enthusiasm has been on the rise. The supply of sports facilities in the park can meet the growing physical fitness needs of the people.

Park, ancient refers to the official garden, and modern refers to the government generally built and operated as a natural viewing area and for the public to rest and play in public areas.

The park is a public green area with complete facilities and a good green environment for the public to visit, watch, relax, carry out scientific culture and exercise the body and other activities.

With the improvement of urban ecology, fire prevention, asylum and so on. The park can be divided into urban parks, forest parks, theme parks, special parks and so on. The modern park is loved by people for its deep environment and cool summer, and has become a common sanctuary for couples, old people and children.

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