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Continuous maintenance is a must to the large playground equipment

Continuous maintenance is a must to the large playground equipment

Human is a kind of emotional animals with happy, anger, cool and so on. A series of problems happen after careless operation and not calm thinking. So what's wrong with the amusement device without noticing the details?


As the trend of modern entertainment leader, we should note that maintain details is essential while playing a equipment. There are lots of careless front-line workers making the not tight screws, welding defects and so on. But they could not realize these small problem that will result in big problem. For years, a lot of customers ask me why some of their equipment can not be normal operation, and even some of the quality is not reach the standard scolded, and why your company will produce such a kind of bad Machine, etc. Most of time, the reasons of them are lack of proper maintenance. These small problems such as loose screw and less lubricate oil will lead to the emergence of major problems in the future .

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There are off-season and peak season of amusement equipment, many customers use the device during the peak season to make money and neglect maintain. While in the off season, no one remember to repair and maintain the equipment while where is no one to play. So when something wrong with the amusement equipment, the customers will pull the responsibility to  manufacturers, and never thought about their own problems.

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Regular maintenance of the whole machine. Usually, our amusement equipment is the tool to make money, so we are supposed to check the habit of the machine. As we all know that the details determine everything.


The following points maybe be the reference of everlasting use period:

Firstly, foster safety awareness

 Players should pay attention to the recreational equipment safety management.


Secondly, establish a safety management system

 Amusement equipment common safety management system is a all-day duty, regular, safe operation of recreational equipment.


Thirdly, the establishment of safety inspection files

Record the everyday inspection.


Fourthly, establish a sound and efficient safety management agencies

Clarify safety responsibilities at all levels and positions.


Fifthly, carry out training and education

Frequently, there are some training and educational activities related to the safety of amusement equipment.


With the proper maintenance of amusement equipment, there will be more safe when we enjoy the joy of theme park.

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