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Share the Water Park vocation experience

Share the Water Park vocation experience

Investment has risk, which need to be cautious treated:

A: The location of the water park, equipment specifications, size and the project site, etc., must be consistent with the location, level of consumption and population conditions, it is very important to do a good job of the local market。

B: In recent years, the water park is very popular. The pressure of competition in the market is relatively large. If you are interested in investing in a water park, the small and medium-sized water park will be better. The investment scale will be controlled at 20-50 million yuan without worrying about the profitability of the water park.

C: Water Park investors should pay attention to management, planning a good project but also choose the quality and safety of amusement equipment manufacturers

D:Investment suggestion: 

10-20 million population, project investment 1000-1500 million, ticket price 30-50 yuan; 

20-30 million population, the project investment 1500-2000 yuan, tickets 40-60 yuan; 

30-40 millionpopulation, the project investment 2000-2500 million, ticket 50-70 yuan; 

40-60 million population, the project investment 2500-3000 yuan, 60-80 yuan tickets; 

60-80 million population, the project investment 3000-4000 yuan, 70 tickets -90 yuan;

80-100 million population, the project investment 4000-5000 yuan, 80-100 yuan tickets. 

The above does not contain land costs with a place like a project, and then invest in a similar project is not appropriate.

E, Most of the current water park investors follow the trend of investment, but it is not profitable. Investment is not as 1 +1 = 2, it is not simple and we need to plan. Water park business is good,  and there will be many influencing factors; secondly is the rush to start the project. Thirdly, when choosing equipment, most of the water park equipment manufacturers are quite a mixed bag. 

Water park product quality is entirely relying on business conscience and morality out of the basic water park products for hand-made, so by front-line staff mood Factors are very important, and that produced products may also be unlucky, so  on-site and quality inspection are very important, no matter in design, production or installation. Therefore, investors are suggested to set the profitable and cheap price and pay attention to amusement products quality.

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