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The cleaning and maintenance of play equipment

The cleaning and maintenance of play equipment

Children's play equipment will less service life due to the operation of the machine during use. Keeping clean and well operation of the play sets will leave the customers a good impression. But if the operator don't even care the operation of playground, and then most of the customers will not come back to this playground. So in order to better run the playground, operators should pay attention to cleaning, maintenance and repair of children's play equipment.

Some children's outdoor playground play equipment are placed the venue, which should hit the rainy weather equipment. Many people do not know how to clean the play equipment, clean play equipment, use the detergen. Oil rubbed off, then rinse, dry on the line. 

Equipment can be folded, use the bottom to stop the front of the device, and then covered with tarpaulin equipment. If the device is not used for a long time after it is collected, so it should be cleaned, folded, bundled, packed and stored in a storage room with an indoor temperature of -50 ° C to -40 ° C


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