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The future of theme park

The future of theme park

China will become the world's largest theme park market. According to agency statistics, there are more than 2,500 theme parks in China. However, there are few theme parks with high-quality planning and long-term development capability. Issues such as homogeneity, low culture and less planning have become common problems that theme parks face.

Disneyland relies on American culture gradually exported to the world, and it is also very popular in China. Relatively speaking, people are more concerned about the development of their own theme parks. Quantitatively speaking, the local theme parks account for the overwhelming majority of the over 2,500 theme parks and there are also some influential brands in the eyes of domestic tourists. They have implemented chain brand strategies in many cities in China, Big success. But the real question is: when will China's theme parks go global like Disney and Universal Studios? This not only placed a good expectation on the Chinese cultural industry, but also has a strong urgency.

Theme parks are not isolated, single cultural products. For now, successful theme parks generally focus on film themes. Relatively speaking, China's local theme parks have not yet been pinpointed in terms of content. Some of the themes are scattered and their ambition is not clear. Some are just an upgraded version of the traditional playground. However, the era of tourists riding through roller coasters is long gone and tourists need deeper cultural experiences. Whether it's movie or movie derivative, local theme parks need to really have a "theme."

Disneyland, Universal Studios and other theme parks popular is not accidental. With Disney Animation and the Hollywood movie's ups and downs, only the success of the corresponding theme park. To achieve the development of the local theme park, the first question to be answered is when domestically produced films and TV can really "go global". In recent years, the domestic film and television industry has achieved remarkable results. Many film and television shows not only set a ratings record, but also went abroad and achieved some international repercussions. However, specific themes suitable for the construction of the theme park movie and television are still few and far between.

The development of the theme park is an industrial proposition and a cultural proposition. At present, there is still a huge market space for China's theme parks and it has become a hot area for capital clashes between Chinese and foreign parties. Building China's local theme park, we must go its own way. Only with the intention and cultural core plus modern methods of expression, innovative play way, in order to create a suitable for all ages, the masses loved the theme park.

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