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The purchase and cleaning tips of Children's playground equipment

The purchase and cleaning tips of Children's playground equipment

As the amusement device belongs to a special product, the product is large and the price is high. Therefore, the amusement device is usually customized according to the customer's needs. If the product is not new, it can not attract operators to purchase. Therefore, in general, the amusement device is not stocked. Since it is a customized product, it requires a certain production cycle. The general equipment production cycle is about 15-30 days. 


Children's playground equipment purchase tips

1, play equipment appearance

For children, the beautiful appearance of the colorful appearance with lights and beautiful music is the customer's top elements to give customers a good image to make tourists into your customers, but when buying equipment Do not just focus on children, and consider the psychological characteristics of all people, because the elderly and parents value not only equipment appearance, color, more or practical, playability, safety and function.

2, play equipment quality:

Buy amusement equipment, do not just focus on price. As we all know that the price of each manufacturer is not the same and related to the products quality. In terms of quality, children's exercise should be strictly controlled. 

The normal operation of the amusement device is the most fundamental. And it will certainly affect the customer mood to play. So in order to attract long-lasting customers.

2, play equipment selection:

The role of paint at the factory must be fresh, bright, light. Equipment selection is also directly related to the quality of equipment.

3, the manufacturer's qualification:


Equipment with the economic development industry is also much concerned about the country, especially the placement of squares, parks, supermarkets and so on. If the procedure is not complete, may get temporary benefits, but it is not always a long-term plan.

Children's playground play equipment cleaning tips

Cleaning and repairing equipment is a very important part of daily maintenance. For ensuring children's safety in activities of Naughty forts and playgrounds, it is a prerequisite  and a criterion for the long-term operation of the operators. However, in daily operations, Naughty Fort is the cleaning of many operators are facing the problem, many people think naughty Fort cleaning is very difficult, may not be the right way to master, below. Xiaobian classified several directions for everyone to provide reference.

First of all, there is a simple device cleaning and complex cleaning by water soak for 30 minutes with water cleaning.

The steps for complex cleaning are as follows:

(1) With the flow of water rinse, wipe, removing the rides on the surface of the negative dirt;

(2) with a special disinfectant scrub, killing possible infectious bacteria;

(3) and then wash the water flow over the wash, place disinfectant


Secondly, for some large equipment cleaning. It is better to use a special cleaning agent scrub to keep clean. If you want to maintain the life of different types of toys and protect the health and safety of customers when using. Equipment cleaning and maintenance work are extremely important. 

(1) cloth toys: cloth dolls can be installed on the instructions of the cleaning methods, regular cleaning.

(2) plastic toys: you can soak water or  diluted with detergent sprinkler, cleaning methods to ensure the cleanliness of toys

(3) fluff toys: the laundry dry cleaning, self-cleaning self-cleaning and stratified cleaning or overall cleaning.

(4) wooden toys: Because wooden toys absorb water, so these toys can not be cleaned, the best not to be often exposured.

(5) electronic toys: these types of equipment can not be cleaned, only with a clean cloth moistened with water.

To sum up, for recreational equipment, whether it is indoor or outdoor operation, must be kept clean and hygienic. And it could keep the healthy of the players.


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