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The safety elements of amusement equipment

The safety elements of amusement equipment

Play equipment is considered to be an important issue in design. It is an issue of safety.Safety is the choiceabout materials and design construction. Only by virtue of these safety can we take root in our own products and survive in the market. 


Comprehensive principle: Children are vulnerable. In the design of children's play equipment, safety should be the first. Children hanging on the ground should be as far away as possible from the road location, chaotic landscape and complex plot. 


In addition to the details of the safety of commercial equipment throughout the play equipment for children's rides, blinking dangerous projections (such as nails, bolts, etc.), squeeze points, sharp edges, angles.

Child-based principles: Children's play equipment should be child-centered and designed in the appropriate steps for handling various business spaces and game slots designed into groups of children, business standards, shapes and methods, as children and adults with gap height It is easy for some adults and adults to see disability barriers that often cover the full view of a child aged 3 to 5 years. Some are suitable for adult work are incomplete. In children's design, children must face the eyes and body of children in terms of walking, running, climbing and crawling. Large rides.

Combination of principles: children's play equipment should take the diversity of children's behavioral needs into account, to create efficacy and integrity  and make "fun" scenes hidden in the common sense of growth for children to play.

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