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The super trumpet water slide

The super trumpet water slideThe super trumpet water slide

The super trumpet water slide, which won the gold ticket award for the best new project in the international tourism industry in 2006, is an essential part of a large water park. Tourists can sit in a four-person four-leaf blade floating circle, and start to slide from a platform more than 20 meters high. They usually run into a huge trumpet slide, just like being sucked in by a tornado. The rapid water slide, like a fish rushing into the rapids, makes people feel the excitement that has never been experienced before. The strong sense of weightlessness makes people seem to leave the land where they originally lived, forget themselves, and shout uncontrollably.

"Flying down 3,000 feet, it is suspected that the cloud river falls nine days", from weightlessness and exclamation to dream wake up is only a moment of process, so that people find the flying youth of happiness, it is really said that "youth ambition, look out of the clouds, look at the sky crazy fly!"

Super big trumpet slide is the current domestic water park popular large equipment, according to the special equipment safety supervision regulations, and rules of the mechanical and electrical kind of special equipment manufacturing license rules, made waves such equipment belong to the national special equipment, slides, by the state bureau of technical supervision of special equipment (above city-level) strict testing, must be informed before installation, after installation must detect qualified.The designing and manufacturing unit must hold the manufacturing license of special equipment of the People's Republic of China and the installation unit must hold the installation and maintenance license of special equipment of the People's Republic of China.

After a few years, the loudspeaker slides have been developed to extend more exciting aquatic amusement facilities, and the platform height has been raised from 15m to 18m, bringing more novel entertainment to the customers.


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